"I have just completed (17th July 2017) my course in semi-permanent makeup trained by Helena Benson. I have wanted to do semi permanent makeup for years but never thought I would be good enough until I started training I then realised this was going to be the best decision I have made in my beauty career.


Helena was so kind and patient with me which made me feel so at ease and comfortable to practice on live models. My confidence was boosted as she watched over me but also gave me so much positive feedback which gave me the courage to push myself even further the atmosphere at her clinic is calm and welcoming"


by Annabella Conti, Student

"Feeling thankful for Helena Benson

If they asked me who taught you the most I would say Helena Benson I felt more than a student with you, we were like best friends I have never met someone as kind and generous as you. I spent my best days with you I learnt a lot, I was really anxious when I was learning hair stroke until we started to work together" 


" I have trained in Permanent Makeup with Helena Benson in 2008. I am so glad I did this course at her school as it gave me a start to a new life! I don't depend on anybody anymore and run busy beauty practice in Switzerland and Dubai.

The course was very intense but I am really happy because I had chance to practice on many models and it gave me confidence to start working on my own. I also enjoyed peaceful and friendly atmosphere at the school and I found Helena being very patient and professional.

I liked the fact that there was only one other student who trained at the same time as me so I had a lot of personal help.I would strongly recommend Helena Benson's course to anyone who wants to study permanent makeup. It was really great! "


by Magarita Fabian, Student

"I booked my appointment to be a model at school of permanent makeup. I was a little bit worried about the look of my eyebrows after the procedure because it was meant to be done by the student. 


However I was absolutely thrilled by the results. My eyebrows looked absolutely amazing. Helena Benson was doing part of the work herself. I have now booked to have my eyeliner and lips done as well."   


by Golga, Model

"I had my lips and eyebrows done a couple of years ago in a salon in Essex. I wasn't happy at all with the way it was done and booked to be a model for correction during a training session.


I can't express enough how delighted I was with the results and how comfortable I felt during the treatment. I felt like I was pampered at the spa.


I loved the back ground music and the beautiful bright room where I had this treatment done under close supervision of Helena Benson."

by Kairen, Model


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