Two day Microblading Course

About Microblading


Microblading is a manual micro-pigmentation of the eyebrows meaning a non-electric device is used. During the procedure of this unique technique, the pigment is introduced into the epidermis by using a pencil-like tool with a blade that consists of 7-21 ultra-thin needles. The pigment is introduced into the epidermis without reaching the dermis which allows the effect of natural-looking hairs.

The result last around a years depending on the factors, such as: the skin type, the level of sun exposure. An additional pigmentation-corrective procedure may be carried out once a year.

The pigment used originates from plants hence it is safe and has a thick consistency, which do not change their colour over time, but fade slowly. Microblading method is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to wear a long-lasting eyebrow make-up with natural looking hair strokes.


Second Day
  • Practical sessions on models.

  • Review of the practical session for examination purposes.

  • Examination on models.

  • Issuing of the certificates.

    Note: 8 case studies will be needed before certification is issue.

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The cost of the course is £2500 full payment is due 4 weeks prior to the course, non-refundable minimum deposit of £500 is required. The remaining £2000 is due 2 weeks before the course start date.The cost includes full training covering theory and practice as well as a starter kit. 

Please note that we are not accepting payments on the day of training. All payments must be completed in advance.

First Day


  • Health & safety and organisation of the workplace.

  • Related anatomy and physiology.

  • Study natural hair growth of the brow and intricate hair-stroke design.

  • Hygiene.

  • Introduction to Microblading procedure.

    • How to create an ideal eyebrow form.

    • How to adapt the form for the client’s face.

    • Correction of asymmetry.

    • How to use and adapt the needles in order to get the results we need.

    • The stages of the procedure – the post-procedural stage.

    • The Microblading technique. Theory and practice on fake skin.

  • Theory on pigments and pigment mixing.


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