What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing where tiny amounts of mineral pigment are inserted into the skin at high-speed using a needle. Trusted source WebMD describes the process as: “Using a needle to place pigmented granules beneath the upper layers of the skin.”

Microblading is another form of Permanent Make Up, but instead of using a needle, a blade is used to gently cut the skin before implanting the pigment. The effects of both are long-lasting but vary from person to person depending on skin characteristics, pigment choice, practitioner technique, sun exposure, skin type, medication and more. The pigment will fade over time, as it is not inserted as deeply into the skin as a conventional tattoo, but because we cannot name a date or time that the colour will leave the skin treatment should be referred to as Permanent Make Up rather than Semi-Permanent Make Up. many practitioners use both terms interchangeably to market their services. If carried out by a good and reputable technician, its benefits are well documented, notably providing smudge-free makeup that always looks flawless.

Permanent makeup can also be described as ‘cosmetic makeup’, ‘dermapigmentation’, ‘micropigmentation’ and ‘cosmetic tattooing’.

One of the great benefits of permanent makeup is that it can be used for aesthetic purposes – such as wanting to give the impression of fuller lips, or for medical reasons – such as creating an areola following breast surgery or to camouflage scars.

Helping others improve confidence levels and overall wellbeing makes this a very rewarding career.

How Much can a Permanent Makeup Artist Earn?

The cosmetic makeup industry is a lucrative, growing market. Since many technicians are sole traders, this allows for flexible working and therefore incomes can vary greatly.

A successful technician can earn tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds depending on their marketability, client base, reputation, qualifications and experience, and whether they work independently or for a business. The cost of services can range from £75 (beauty spots for example) to £800, with some elite consultants even charging as much as £1,000 for work, which gives an indication of how profitable the market can be.

While a successful technician could earn in excess of £100,000 a year, the average salary is estimated to range between £30,000 and £50,000 per year. This is significantly higher than a traditional makeup artist earning £20,158 annually in the UK (3). This reflects the view that cosmetic tattooing is a highly specialised profession.


The cost of the permanent makeup training course is £3800 this includes basic Microblading. 

Note: pigments and machines are not included.

Please note that we are not accepting payments on the day of training. All payments must be completed in advance.


The full payment is due 4 weeks prior to the course, non-refundable minimum deposit of £1900 (50%) is required. the remaining £1900 to be paid 4 weeks prior to the start of the course.  The cost includes full training covering theory and practical. 


Our courses are accredited by “Hiscox” and “Cosmetic Insure” companies. You will be able to get insurance with them provided you are a registered level 3 beauty therapist. If you have no previous experience in beauty but have completed our course and submitted 10 case studies, you will be able to get insurance with the industry renowned “Holistic Insurance Services”.

Our diploma is valid in the UK and in other countries. The goal of our school is to provide intensive quality training for people of all ages who want to change their career or have an extra income and work part time from home or from beauty salons. We differ from other schools by providing a lot of practical experience while working on real models. The theory part of the course is more of a self study done prior to attending the course.

Students who qualified from our school started their own businesses not just in UK but also in Switzerland, United States, Germany, Iran and Russia to name just a few. The training is offered by a qualified medical doctor Helena Benson with over 25 years experience in aesthetic medicine. 

What our Models say

"I booked my appointment to be a model at school of permanent makeup. I was a little bit worried about the look of my eyebrows after the procedure because it was meant to be done by the student. 

However I was absolutely thrilled by the results. My eyebrows looked absolutely amazing. Helena Benson was doing part of the work herself. I have now booked to have my eyeliner and lips done as well."   


"I had my lips and eyebrows done a couple of years ago in a salon in Essex. I wasn't happy at all with the way it was done and booked to be a model for correction during a training session.

I can't express enough how delighted I was with the results and how comfortable I felt during the treatment. I felt like I was pampered at the spa.

I loved the back ground music and the beautiful bright room where I had this treatment done under close supervision of Helena Benson."